“You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.””

Italo Calvino.
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The structure of the Pensione Piemonte in Loreto represents the first branch house, built in 1890 by Blessed Giuseppina Gabriella Bonino, founder of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Savigliano Cuneo, so that the Sisters could daily worship in the Holy House and obtain blessings on the Congregation and for the good of families.
The Holy House was the privileged place for the founder of the Congregation to live the most authentic experience of family life. His life proposal constitutes a very current message for today's society:
"every man who comes into the world is hungry for love rather than bread and has the right to a family and the Christian community is called to meet the situations of need that inevitably arise".


Nel rispetto delle direttive COVID19, la PENSIONE PIEMONTE si è attrezzata per poter offrire
una vacanza in piena sicurezza a tutti gli ospiti della struttura.

Scopri tutte le informazioni sulle misure COVID19

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Via Francesco Asdrubali, 70 - 60025 Loreto (AN) - Tel. - P.IVA: 02085030233

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Via Francesco Asdrubali, 70 - 60025 Loreto (AN) - Tel.
email: info@pensionepiemonte.it - Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA: 02085030233
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